A passphrase is a sequence of text or words used to control access to a computer program, data, and system. A passphrase is like a password but it is longer than the password. Passphrases are secure than passwords when doing your online businesses.
Importance of passphrases

Passphrases are more memorable especially when you use something that relates to you like; something that reflects your personality. You don't have to write on a hard copy to remember therefore reducing the risk of the hard copy being stolen. It is easier to remember a phrase from your favorite quote or song as compared to a complicated password with random letters and symbols combined together.

Passphrases are harder to break into as compared to passwords since hackers algorithms always have difficulty in cracking longer phrases because they are theoretically strong. The more the words used the harder the harder it is for the attacker to crack the code. Most of the hacker's tools are capable of cracking ten characters. Your passwords might be more complicated but these cracking tools have also been advanced they will still break it. But even the most advanced cracking tool can not be able to brute-force, guess or pre-compute a paraphrase.

If well chosen, they cannot be found in any quote or phrase dictionary making dictionary attacks impossible because they do not have to be grammatically correct. This makes it impossible for human and robots to guess it.

Passphrases allow you to use symbols and it doesn't have to be grammatically correct or a proper sentence, it also allows you to use spaces between your words which is impossible in passwords as they are mostly limited up to ten characters while passphrases allow you to use up to 127 characters.
Major operating systems and application software such as Windows, Mac, and Linux supports passphrases of up to 127 characters long. Hence you can opt for passphrases for maximum security.